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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Can the Mets get in on some 3-way or 4-way fun, too?

the dodgers pulled the plug on the 3-way randy johnson-to-the-yanks deal, but also reportedly signed jd drew, pending a physical. i've been stewing my brain, trying to figure out a way for the mets to get involved in the convoluted mess to deliver the big unit to the bronx. all that's required to get involved is a bunch of players and salaries you want to unload on somebody, and the mets always have that. the mind spins with names: mikey, cliffy, tommy, kazuo... how can we get this to work?

the mets send mike piazza and kaz matsui to the dodgers. (dodgers move kent to 3B, plant kaz at 2B. mets sign alex cora for 2B)

dodgers send shawn green and brad penny to arizona, kaz ishii to the yanks .

arizona sends randy johnson to the yanks, shea hillenbrand to the mets.

the yanks send javier vazquez, felix rodriguez and dioner navarro to the mets.

how's that? the mets pick up a guy named shea and 4 more latinos.

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