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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Ghost of What Might Have Been

i give freddie a ton of grief for his inept revolving door deja vu plans -- worst team money could buy, youth movement from hell, worst team money could buy, youth movement from hell, etc. but let's face it, mets fans lap it up like eggnog on christmas. they'll buy into every plan, reverse on a dime a half-step after freddie, and buy into the latest new regurgitated plan.

so let's have a visit from the ghost of what might have been and see what everybody thinks.

humor me and go along with my notion that we were 75% or so on the way to fulfilling the last "youth movement" plan that freddie had us hypnotized with when he pulled the plug at the summer deadline. reyes was up (kinda) already. wright was up. vic diaz was starting to tear up norfolk. kazmir was healthy and in AA. peterson was in AA. joselo diaz was throwing heat at AA. humber should've been signed and already started out at AA. huber was having a solid obp year at AA. petit and milledge were already promoted to high A. petit would go onto AA before the year was up. we had this cuban cirque du soleil guy who they hyped as might be at shea in september. the mets were getting close to tasting the fruits of what we were promised after a string of miserable years with old, expensive, broken down, unmotivated crap.

could you accept letting kazmir, humber, peterson, soler, petit, etc pitch up here sometime in 2005 and letting them get their lumps like avery, smoltz and glavine did in their first year or two? the greater majority of mets fans who bought into the youth movement "plan" right up to the summer trading deadline just a short while ago, would you still have preferred that direction at this very moment, or are you so now intoxicated with the thought of buying monster contract veterans that you can honestly say this path is better?

do you honestly believe omar has a plan and full autonomy to carry it out (despite all the electoral voting facts to the contrary) and do you honestly believe freddie has the baseball mental capacity to buy a winner (despite all the years and evidence to the contrary)?

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