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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I coulda been a non-tender, I coulda been somebody

the baseball blogs today are doing their damnedest to come up with clever "tender" puns and catchphrases to celebrate the non-tender deadline which unleashes even more free agents on the world.

on the mets front, the mets inked vance wilson, let orber moreno and scott strickland go, and moved a step closer to locking up victor zamboozled through arbitration. interesting non-tenders include wade miller, david eckstein, alex cora, former top catching prospect - ben davis, the lefty arm we lost in the rule V draft last year - lenny dinardo, scott shoeneweiss, former mets #1 draft pick - billy traber, and josh phelps. miller will probably have a ton of interest. he's coming off a rotator cuff shortened season, but is still young and has great stuff. the astros must be certain clemens is returning next year.

rumors continue to swirl on the mets having signed moisty alou, though nothing official has been admitted.

supposedly, there's local venezuelan word that andres galarraga has been signed. the bizarre is always expected with the mets, so i can't even laugh this one off. it might very well be true.

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