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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pay-dro, who's your sugardaddy?

the pedro pre-signing saga is dragging out with more sources coming out of the woodwork to say more undetermined things. thankfully, it'll come to a conclusion with pedro's physical today in new york, with the expected introductory press conference at shea tomorrow. that's the plan, at least.

elsewhere, minayacal omar continues to keep the mets alive in every possible rumor for every possible player out there. we're clearly back in the post-arod shunning era when steve phillips (and assistant omar) was the hardest working gm in baseball, working the phones and pressing the flesh with every gm and agent in the game in a mad scramble to totally overhaul the roster to put together a new expensive miracle mix the fans could drool over (on paper). this manic worst-to-first buying/trading spree never failed to create a worse mess. but one thing about freddie wilpon, he's never been one to learn from history.

so as i await the next big splash, my feelings as a fan are a total mix of excitement, fear, anxiousness and dread. let's face it, last place is last place is last place (and finishing a few games ahead of a AA level expos team in 2004 qualifies as last place) and the mets have proven they can do it lots of ways: spend their way into the cellar, do it the cheap way, do it with old guys, do it with young guys, do it with a plan, and do it without a plan. spending is a lot more fun (at least during the actual spending part). in time, it gets so sickening, that you do actually long for a cheap youth movement again. then after that shits out for a couple years, you're hankering for a madman spend-a-thon again. hell, the spending is fun right now. go ahead, freddie, buy pay-dro. next, let's buy delgado. let's trade for manny. let's make a run at beltran! this is fun! the only problem is in the back of my mind, i know for a certainty that if anyone can build a $150M last place team, a $200M last place team, a $300M last place team, it's freddie. the evil wilpon karma is deadliest force in the universe.

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