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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Pay-dro's perks

i'm not sure why a guy who's going to make $14m/yr needs extra perks in his contract. seems a lot of them (all-star game, cy young award, etc) come standard now in every contract like automatic windows and an am/fm radio. pedro's got a real suite deal:

The pitcher will receive a luxury suite at Shea Stadium for every home game and a hotel suite on all road trips.

in addition to all the basics, of course:

Martinez, already a three-time Cy Young Award winner, would get a $500,000 bonus if he wins the award again this contract, $1 million if he wins it a second time, $1.5 million if he wins it a third time and $2 million if he wins it a fourth time.

He gets $400,000 for finishing second in the voting and $300,000 for winding up third.

In addition, Martinez would receive $50,000 for each All-Star appearance, $50,000 for each Gold Glove, $50,000 for winning the league championship series MVP award and $250,000 for winning the World Series MVP award.

no word yet on whether pedro will switch to uniform #25, which is more befitting a "24 + 1" player.

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