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Monday, December 13, 2004

Pedro has a labrum tear? Run, Freddie, Run!

hmm, let's see.

buster olney writes: Martinez's fastball velocity has declined from a consistent 94-95 mph to a consistent 88-90, and although he has two other outstanding pitches in his changeup and curve, he is a huge physical risk. He's 33 years old, he has a high-torque delivery that puts enormous strain on a shoulder that already is partially torn, and it wouldn't surprise anybody in Boston if he broke down for good in 2005; that's why the Red Sox refused to guarantee a fourth year in their offer.

jayson stark writes: They know -- everybody knows -- Martinez has a tear in his labrum that's practically as wide as the San Andreas Fault. One informed estimate put that tear as 90 percent full.

uh, excuse me? did you say shoulder tear? 90% tear? WTF? is this true? run, freddie! run as fast as your shrunken black heart takes you!

some more words about labrum tears... anybody remember pedro astacio? that "mule" made a jackass of the mets by getting 2 guaranteed years with his tear. no way do you give pedro $56m with a 90% tear.

read the slate article on why the torn labrum is baseball's most fearsome injury:

let's just hope the mets have cleaned out the incompetent clowns from their medical staff and get a clear diagnosis of pedro's shoulder during the physical. if this talk about pedro's labrum is true, then let's hope the incompetent clowns in the mets braintrust rips up that contract.

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