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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pedro pisses off his dwarf pal

pedro just keeps burning those bridges. the daily news has reported that pedro's "good luck charm" is now mighty pissed off at him.

A big snub by the Mets' new ace toward his little sidekick has left 28-inch-tall Nelson de la Rosa steaming-mad - and vowing to stick with the Boston Red Sox rather than turn into a Mini-Met.

"He broke my heart," de la Rosa told the Daily News yesterday. "That's not right what he said about me."

At his introductory press conference last week, Martinez laughed off the Dominican dwarf's role as a good-luck charm during Boston's curse-breaking World Series run, saying, "That was just a trick."

Then he really set off his little buddy by scooping up a midget who showed up to blast de la Rosa as a "palm-sized pipsqueak."

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