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Friday, December 17, 2004

Pedro wants to get Moisty

now that pedro is a met, urinary sources are telling us that he's making a bladder push to get moisty alou on board. both pedro and minayacal omar, who are in the DR this morning for a local press conference welcoming him to the mets, refused to comment.

"moisty and pedro are some of the closest friends you can imagine," said fernando cuza, who represents both players. "they played together in montreal for years. they're very good friends in the dominican. moisty is the ultimate competitor. if he's going to share his urine, he wants to share it with his dearest friends."

another "friend" moisty may be willing to share with is free agent first baseman, carlos delgado. delgado was formerly sworn to the powers of tiger balm, but after coming off an injury-plagued subpar season, sources say that he's "very interested" in the powers of coco helado and moisty's pee.

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