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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Scammin' Shammy back on Omar's radar?

it might be a little too close for comfort, but the chicago tribune has reported that minayacal omar, scammin' shammy and the sham-man's agent, adam katz, were all together in the DR yesterday at a ceremony where scammy and his lovely wife renewed their wedding vows.

sources said the possibility of Sosa restructuring his contract to facilitate a deal was broached


When all the dominoes fall, someone will need a power hitter to play a corner outfield spot, and the Cubs still consider the Mets and Baltimore Orioles as the two most interested suitors for Sosa.


But the players' union will not allow Sosa's contract to be devalued and neither team is close to coming up with a financial package that will satisfy both the Cubs and the union.

why do i think we haven't heard the last of minayacal omar's attempts at getting this done?

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