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Monday, December 20, 2004

Theo shows Omar his hand

imagine we could go back in time to when steve phillips had the wetness for a damaged red sox free agent named cliff floyd. back then, rookie gm theo epstein made, what might have been, a crucial blunder in offering the busted floyd arbitration. having no serious offers, floyd was expected to return to boston for somewhere in the $8-10m neighborhood. then the mets came in like knights in shining armor to rescue boston by handing broken floyd a guaranteed 4 year contract.

boston spent that $10m in a different direction as that winter, picking up some high obp guys like mueller, ortiz, todd walker and jeremy giambi.

now let's fast forward to last week when theo and omar nearly had a manny + cash for cliffy deal in place. omar shocked and disgusted red sox officials by demanding to change the deal at the last moment, asking for $12m instead of $2m to offset manny's contract.

it's mighty strange any chump change $2m cash would be even tentatively agreed to. hell, $12m is chump change, in light of how much manny is guaranteed for the next 4 years, but nevermind that for now. it's been made public that theo was earmarking the saved manny money for a contract offer to jd drew, another obp machine, in the $10m/yr area.

now, the mets already saved theo's ass once, and were instrumental in helping him create a championship team. maybe theo's returned the favor here by giving the mets a wide peek into his current off-season playbook? does omar pay attention and say "hmm, what about jd?" or does he continue with this scammin' shammy and moisty alou shit? well, i've never said omar is a smart man.

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