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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The 4 horse chase for Delgado

and down the stretch they come!

minayacal omar has thrown the mets hat in the 4 year offer ring along with the rangers, marlins and orioles. the texas offer is reported as 4 years/$48m. everyone else has basically matched it or come close enough. so basically, without their usual ace up their sleeve (blowing away everyone with an extra year and more cash) how will the mets fare?

texas has a few things going for them: they're in the AL, they have a hitter's park with a nice lineup to plug delgado in the middle, they're a hot climate with a big latino population, they're an income tax-free state, they won 89 games last year and have manager of the year, buck showalter, firmly at the helm with the same young offense returning intact, and they've been upclose, personal and aggressive in their courting process.

on the downside, they have mark teixeira at 1B, which may or may not make delgado a DH more times than he wants, and texas has imposed a "take it or leave it" deadline which may backfire now that he has 3 other teams willing to also play the bidding game.

the marlins also have a competitive, young team, income tax-free status, warm climate close to PR with huge latino population. they are in the NL and have stayed aggressive in this process by having the largest offer out there for most of the time, and promptly upping it when the rangers pushed the envelope.

the downside of florida is the shaky financial position of the team. they're a threat to leave miami. they're a threat to have a firesale. who knows?

baltimore has a bit more stable situation. beautiful ballpark tailor-made for delgado's swing. they've got a nicely stacked lineup to plug him in, too. he won't be switching leagues or divisions which is kinda nice in a familiar sense. then again, he'll probably spend the rest of his career doing the same thing he's already been doing: staring up at boston and the yankees in the standings.

so where does this leave the mets? well, we're going to see how well minayacal omar's magical hispanicism spell really works. it's one thing to keep "convincing" players to sign here by giving the best contract. it's another thing to sign someone with not the best contract. pay-dro and beltran have been recruiting delgado, but how much does that mean? so, we wait.

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