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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bietch Kim

apparently the new york mets of koreatown flushing by the bay have interest in boston's doghouse mutt reliever/starter/ornery middle-finger flasher, byun-hyung kim (henceforth to be called by his abbreviated moniker: bietch kim).

spending the off-season back in the motherland, i'm sure bietch has heard these mets rumors and consulted jilted jae seo about conditions in metsland. i wonder how you say "the mets suck kimchee balls" in korean? that's probably what jae is telling bietch.

anyway, bietch is an intriguing player. yeah, he'll forever be known as a world series choker. yeah, he's got back problems and lost velocity and lost a major league job. yeah, he's ornery and been a malcontent. but, c'mon, he's bietch! after missing out on moisty jokes for the next 2 years, i'd love to have bietch.

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