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Monday, January 10, 2005

Cubs still view Flushing as a Sosa dumping ground

.... or at least the chicago press does. after a deluge of "what if" articles coming out of the windy city for weeks, saying the mets could still turn to sosa if they failed to get beltran, they now want to believe that the mets (and specifically minayacal omar) can still sport serious wood for sosa even with beltran in the fold for mega-millions.

How about Sosa, Kyle Farnsworth and cash to the Mets for Floyd, Jae Seo, Aaron Heilman and a prospect or two? That move, or one like it, could be made by the end of the week, or at least in time to get Sosa on the cover of the Mets' media guide alongside Martinez and Beltran.

The Cubs then could use the money they save to sign Magglio Ordonez.

wow, that would be a sweet deal for the mets, huh? let the cubs unload their two clubhouse pariahs so they can go get magglio ordonez. how about the mets cut out the middle cubbies and just go get magglio themselves? nah, that wouldn't sell papers in the south side.

[The Mets] landed the biggest prize of the off-season—at 27, Beltran is 14 years younger than new Yankee Randy Johnson—and might just return to the playoffs next fall. Their odds increase if they keep working until they have Sosa.

you think this writer wears those lindsey nelson used-car salesman suit jackets when he writes this stuff?

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