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Saturday, January 08, 2005

happy 70th birthday, elvis!!

i was in the backseat of my parents' oldsmobile cutless supreme when i heard the news of elvis leaving us. the station i heard if from was the old 1050-WHN. back then it was this monster country music station. later, of course, it changed to WFAN, new york's first 24 hour sportstalk station and home of the new york mets.

i'm just killing time here, waiting for the beltran verdict to come in or deadline to pass, whichever happens first. there are online murmurings that beltran is leaning towards returning to the astros. that's no surprise. even money aside, or close to it, and the astros are astronomical favorites to retain him. they're the better team, and they're the team and city he's had a chance to get used to already. only shot for the mets is for houston's offer to be inexcusably low. that doesn't clinch anything for the mets, but it gets houston out of the picture and freddie can do another pay-dro (up the ante and blow every pretender away), assuming steingrabber doesn't get his tentacles involved.

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