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Sunday, January 09, 2005


all reports are indicating that scott boros and the mets are putting the finishing touches on a 7 year/$119M contract. thank you, god! the mets finally have their young, primetime stud centerpiece to build this franchise around.

hot damn, carlos and pedro?! the mets haven't been such big players since wilpon/harazin stunned the baseball world by signing bobby bo, vince coleman and eddie murray (well... maybe we shouldn't go there).

mets fans finally have something to get buzzed about now. no, beltran and pedro martinez don't instantly vault the mets into the playoff picture. there are still multiple holes to fill and multiple roster spots to upgrade several notches. the cliche buzzword being thrown about is "legitimacy," and rightfully so. after firmly establishing themselves as a bizarre, inept, clownish laughingstock, the mets needed this kind of splash this winter to invigorate themselves, the skeptical fanbase and the baseball world that the mets are big league players. the mets are the national league franchise in the capital of the world. it was time to act like it. this earnest off-season endeavor to truly get proven major league stud talent is exactly what the fans wanted. hopefully, it's not over.

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