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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mientkiewicz, M-I-E-N-T-K-I-E-W-I-C-Z, Mientkiewicz

operation plan B is in motion.

who's on first: doug mientkiewicz. can you spell his name? neither can i. but i'm sure i'll be getting a ton of opportunities to practice this year, so i should be able to nail it down soon.

so what about doug mientkiewicz? espn.com is saying the mets are giving up an A ball minor leaguer (or more precisely, somebody who played in A ball last year) + cash. that might be a costly minor leaguer. let's see. lastings milledge played in A ball last year. so did yusmeiro petit. are they untouchable? who knows? what about ian bladergroen, shawn bowman, matt lindstrom, brett harper, and aarom baldiris? we shall see.

so what's the deal with mientkiewicz? well, he's got a world series ball retirement fund. aside from that he's a 30 year old gold glove defensive wizard at 1B. the mets haven't had a stellar glove man over there since oly flew the coop after 1999. offensively, he's not a stud, but he's an above average obp guy with line drive gap power and a propensity for the clutch hit. he's also been a consistent winner in college, the olympics and with the twins/red sox. whatever carlos delgado would've given us offensively, mientkiewicz is that awesome with the glove. he'll hold his own with the stick, too. not a cleanup slugger, but he'll be a solid guy wherever he is in the lineup. he's also a noted gung-ho, hard nose, rah-rah teammate kind of guy which the mets have been sorely lacking.

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