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Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday night: got nothing

the carlos delgado saga will continue into mets caravan tuesday with the mets, marlins and orioles in tow. david sloane is making quite the name for himself as the pied piping agent for delgado as he stretches this for all its worth. apparently, sloane is using the war of attrition, fear factor, last man standing strategy as he runs the remaining suitors through the paces.

according to the venerable gray lady, the orioles current offer tops all at $51M for 4 years. the mets matched the old rangers $48M offer and may have raised it up to $50M. the tax-free marlins are in the $48M neighborhood, as well. so it's basically a wash, money-wise and years-wise.

sloane will get another round of discussions with everybody tuesday and lord knows what happens after that.

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