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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Premature ejaculation again

Met sources: 'We got Beltran'

By Mike McGann
January 5, 2005 - Two separate sources within the New York Mets organization tell NYFS that a deal to sign All-Star centerfielder Carlos Beltran may have been reached. The reported deal, for seven years at $112 million would be subject to approval by Major League Baseball and would not be formally announced before tomorrow at the earliest.

NFYS staff made two separate attempts to contact the Mets to get confirmation. On the first, a NYFS reporter was told the team would have no comment, as they were “too busy moving offices.” Another NYFS reporter reached Mets’ chief spokesman Jay Horowitz who declined to address the report. Other sources within the organization contacted by NYFS could not confirm or deny the deal.

The 27-year-old Beltran hit .267 with 38 HR and 104 RBI in a season split between the Kansas City Royals and the Houston Astros. Considered by many to be the prize free agent player on the market, the Mets faced competition from the Astros, Cubs and Yankees for the outfielder’s services.

NYFS will have more on this story as it develops and will continue to work to get confirmation of the deal.

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the bozos who broke the news that moisty alou was a met are at it again with their super inside mets sources. when was the last time you heard that a free agent signing was pending MLB approval? what kind of kindergarten bullshit is that? and speaking of kindergarten, the man's fucking name is jay horwitz! this guy passes himself off as an internet superhighway mets reporter with team sources, and he doesn't even know how to spell the damn name of the mets public relations guy? the same fuckin' jay horwitz who's been dealing personally with the mets press for over two decades?

that constant horwitz mispelling infuriates me the same way supposed mets fans would spell edgardo "alphonso" for the 8 years he was a met. thank god, he left. i couldn't take that anymore.

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