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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Report: A's offer Byrnes for Cammy

in one of those "team sources" articles this morning in the san jose mercury news, it's being reported that billy beane has formally offered eric byrnes and chad bradford for cammy. i do that deal in a minayacal minute.

cammy's injured, as he's always been as a met. he's disgruntled, which has also been a noticeable trend in his stay here. he's going to be a frighteningly horrible #8 hitter for the mets. byrnes is a pretty solid player. nothing all-star spectacular, but solid. i put him in the kevin mcreynolds "silent assassin" mode where he basically can do everything pretty well. the difference being that k-mac had the personality of a potted plant and byrnes is a tough gung-ho guy that fans will love. adding bradford to the bullpen mix isn't that bad, either, considering the pen needs serious mixing. i don't quite understand beane's fixation with cammy, but he's seen good cammy up close in the AL West for awhile, and maybe sees the most recent bad cammy season as a temporary bad luck mets phenomenon that can be easily overcome. the a's already have a damn good CF in mark kotsay, so the addition of cammy will once again cause somebody to be bumped. that wouldn't be the mets problem anymore though.

good move. do it, omar, freddie, jeff, briquette, superscouts.

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