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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Rocket rocks Beltran

He also took a shot at the summertime performance of Carlos Beltran, who left to sign for the New York Mets.

"No knock to Carlos, but he didn't do a whole lot -- I mean, he was a tremendous player in September, we needed everybody. He was unbelievable in the playoffs, everybody saw it, the nation saw it," Clemens said. "But who's to say that we're not going to have another one of those guys step up and do it for us again?"


didn't do a whole lot? wtf is clemens talking about? no knock on roger, but maybe he should start travelling and paying attention to the team more on days he doesn't pitch. apparently he only watched parts of the 30+ games he was personally involved in.

carlos beltran arrived in houston and had 9 hr/23 rbis in july and 10 hr/21 rbis in august. he also stole 21 bases without getting caught a single time in those two months. his september production actually dipped. overall, beltran (as an astro) had a .926 ops, 23 hrs, 53 rbis, scored 70 runs, stole 28 straight bases with zero caught stealings, the astros pre-beltran were 38-35, the astros with beltran went 54-35, yada yada yada.

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