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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Night Live Update

everything's pretty fucked up right now as different reports are all saying different things. one thing for sure, delgado isn't signed right now. as i said, texas was going way out on the limb with their "take it or leave it" deadline this weekend. seems delgado wasn't biting (and why should he with 3 other very interested suitors still willing to play ball?), so:

report #1: the star-telegram is saying the rangers have dropped out.

on the other hand, there's:

report #2: espn is saying both the rangers and the mets are out of it. the rangers are out since they couldn't entice delgado to be a fulltime DH. the mets are out of it for no apparent reason.

finally, on the 3rd hand, we have:

report #3: the nytimes reports it's the rangers and the orioles out of the picture.

so basically, all anyone and everyone can agree upon is yesterday's frontrunning rangers are tonight's losers, leaving the marlins and mets or marlins and orioles.

thank god we live in the wired information age where we can get all this shit so quickly. it makes things so much clearer.

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