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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Updating for the sake of updating

mets news has come to a real standstill after the carlos beltran whirlwind has died down. it's been a good time to be in a sickbed with the flu from hell, which is where i've been. finally about 80% recovered now, so as i arise from my stupor, what's there to talk about?

well, i see the mets signed perma-stinky reliever, roberto hernandez. either he's minayacal omar's sick joke of a righthanded latino john franco to haunt the bullpen or he wanted a "younger" guy to carry andres galarraga around during spring training. it's going to really suck if this guy makes the opening day roster. severely suck. like felix heredia suckage.

there's been a mini-turmoil in metsland as supposed good-guy, mike cameron, backtracked on his "sure, i'd be happy to move to RF if we sign beltran" comments and all of sudden threw a hissy-fit once beltran was in the bag. wtf santa cammy?! you better watch out, you better be nice, or omar's gonna trade your disgruntled ass to tampa or somewhere.

rumors have been flying of interest in cammy from oakland (for eric byrnes), arizona, tampa, and baltimore (and perhaps even more teams) truly shock me. i'd love to accommodate him. i actually wanted to trade him even if we didn't have beltran. he didn't impress me at all defensively and his offensive stats were as hollow as they come. maybe i'd be more appreciative of the guy if he wasn't hurt all year, wasn't hurt this winter and going to miss the opening month. maybe i'd be more appreciative if he didn't forget to bring his gold glove to shea last year. maybe i'd be more appreciative if he wasn't so embarrassingly horrible when the mets stayed in contention, then got so redhot when the mets plummeted during the summer. people have told me good cammy is quite good and a joy to behold, but i've never seen good cammy, and i don't know if good cammy still exists. for now, hiding one of baseball history's most prolific strikeout hitters in the 8th spot (where he will see nothing good to swing at) strikes me as a nightmare to be.

finally, the mets have made carlos delgado's final four. this has been playing out slowly as each team involved has taken to mimic the mets style of flying down south for personal powwows and staying in daily contact. apparently, the marlins have stayed the most active and put the best deal out there so far. the rangers are also hotly involved for some reason. the mets are lying low in the weeds, ready to show their love. we'll see where this goes.

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