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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

5 o' clock shadow

briquette: psst, mikey. just look straight ahead. i don't want willie and omar to think we're having a "golf chat."
mikey: yeah, what's up?
briquette: just wanted to let you know, your stubble is getting noticeable.
mikey: oh shit. you think willie will see it?
briquette: i don't know. he's been sorta occupied riding cammy and cliffy's ass in the sinbin.
mikey: yeah, thank god for that.
briquette: thank god my foot. omar makes me sit in the sinbin for 30 minutes everyday after those two biotches get out.
mikey: damn, say it ain't so.
briquette: it's a different world here, mikey.
mikey: i know. hey briq.
briquette: what?
mikey: don't look at me. look straight ahead.
briquette: oh yeah. what?
mikey: those little scraggly hairs on the top of your head are getting noticeable.
briquette: oh shit.

dude, you're fuckin hilarious..keep the posts coming, its boring as hell until games start or jose's limbs start falling off  

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