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Friday, February 04, 2005

Tyler Yikes! out for season

apparently, this is big news. tyler yikes! has undergone rotator cuff surgery. how this supposedly depletes the mets bullpen, i have no idea. since when was tyler friggin yikes! ever penciled into the mets bullpen? this is the same piece of shit who underservedly made the opening day rotation last season, and then yo-yo'd unsuccessfully from norfolk bullpen to shea bullpen.

never have i seen such unmerited hype over a damaged 23rd round pick, career minor league mediocrity such as yikes! he's been a lousy minor reliever. he's been a lousy minor league starter. he's been a lousy major league reliever, and the only team he looked good against last year in his brief, disasterous stint as a starter was the AA lineup of the expos.

why the hype? 1) he hits 95 mph on the juggs gun on the sidelines, and 2) guru peterson is a hocus-pocus miracle worker who can turn lead to gold. the juggs gun is an archaic joke. a guy's juggs reading is as helpful as a guy's 40 meter dash time in determining how good a baseball player someone is. the guru peterson myth persists with fans. there's this fantasy that he can take anybody and turn him into a quality major league pitcher. no doubt, this myth was started by the 10 minute fix-it man himself.

so yikes! is gone for the year? big deal. good, now we don't have to see this aging "top prospect" get smacked around anymore, and the hype can be buried until he returns to the mound in 12 months or whatever.

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