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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Whole lotta nuthin' goin' on

the mientkiewicz WS ball is finally on display so all boston fans can stare at it. the shamster was finally traded... to the orioles. two-time former met, jeromy burnitz, was signed by the cubbies to replace sosa. cliffy floyd and mike cammy remain on the team and penciled in to start on either side of carlos beltran in the outfield. faint trade rumors persist about outside interest for cammy. nothing about floyd. the mets continue to sign a bunch of people who will never play for the team. mike piazza got married down in florida. it was the final reunion of the old mets kitchen cabinet. no current members of the mets merited an invite. the mets are playing coy about their interest or non-interest in magglio ordonez. maggs is playing coy about how healthy he is. his forever pushed back public workout has now been pushed back some more and shifted from florida to california. just keep moving it and he'll eventually be back in austria. pitchers and catchers report to lovely port st lucie in less than 2 weeks. hooray! let's hope spring training goes off without a hitch, unlike in 2004 when jose reyes broke down early (remember the "jose will be ready for opening day" joke?), latrine garcia and spencer for hire got into a pee pee pizza scuffle, and the newly hired manager for the brooklyn cyclones, leon lee, decided it would be a good idea to show off his twig and berries to all the women in his st lucie hotel.

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