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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Did I pass the audition?

you get so revved up for the 1st televised spring training game, then less than 5 minutes into it, you suddenly rediscover how boring it is to watch spring training games. today's game sucked. tommy boy glavine got a couple innings in. five other starters were in the lineup and got some at bats in. nobody got hurt. that was about it.

kazuo at 2B was one of the few curiosities going into the game. he was all right. started a smooth DP in the 1st, and had two nice plays in the 3rd, a barehanded pickup and a charging short hop scoop. he and jose reyes looked tentative on an infield chopper over the mound that neither got. probably no chance to get the runner unless reyes took charge immediately and made a perfect scoop and throw on the run.

the espn crew was godawful. an overstuffed 3 man crew with jeff brantley and steve phillips doing the color (and off-color) stuff. brantley started talking about kaz and other "oriental" ballplayers. that perked my attention during a dull broadcast. i thought he was going to start talking about guinea and negro players next.

didn't brantley watch The Real World, season 3 in san francisco with the bastard, scab picking puck and pedro the AIDS guy? There was the chinese-american medical doctor resident, pam (who later married judd, the weeny cartoonist). She explained for the entire enlightened world to hear that people from asia are ASIANS. things from asia can be described as oriental, like art or food or express trains. dumb fuck brantley talking about oriental ballplayers. go back to the stone age, you politically incorrect prick.

sorry for the rant. i'll get back to my mike piazza homo stuff.

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