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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lay off the wacky weed, Cliffy

remember when cliff floyd had hops? neither do i, but once upon a time he was a heralded 5-tool blue chip prospect with the expos. in the annual rite of spring training, when the aches aren't so achy yet, perma-damaged damaged players like cliffy start talking big, pretending they are what they once were.

cliff's talking big in early march about stealing 25 bases this year. easy there, dog. first things first. let's concentrate on playing 25 games this year without a strain, sprain, deep bruise, pull and, or fracture. i know you're anxious to turn around your negative big mouth image by doing the positive big mouth routine. that's fine. this team needs all the cheerleaders it can find, but let's keep it real, too.

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