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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Steroidsgate: Continued

how the mighty have fallen. has the SI curse stuck these former gods, mcgwire and sosa? once they were on cloud 9, now they're in hell. mcgwire is long gone from baseball, shrinking the body down, trying to get the peanut testicles reinflated, rubbing cream on his male pattern baldness and pock marks. sosa has been shrinking in public and been banished to baltimore courtesy of the cubbies.

what a sad show on capitol hill.

mcgwire had a tiny crib sheet up his sleeve to deliver his only lines:

"i'm not here to talk about the past."

"i'm retired."

"i want to turn a negative into a positive."

even his biggest apologist in the world, attorney tony larussa, was flabbergasted at big mac's clam up job.

as for sosa, it was pretty wild to see the man suddenly feign non-comprehension of the english language.

canseco and palmeiro were the only entertaining ones there. canseco threatened to plead the 5th on certain questions because of his lack of immunity, but the house committee wasn't there to expose anybody, so he was forthcoming. palmeiro was doing an angry "i'm innocent and pissed to even be here" indignation act which was funny.

curt schilling came off bad. dude has been the most outspoken guy in baseball against steroids for years, and now he backtracked from his past and kowtowed to the current ridiculously soft baseball agreement in every aspect. he's a gutless "schill" for the player's association.

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