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Thursday, March 24, 2005

While I'm not paying attention...

it's been a long time since i took spring training seriously, and i haven't done so this year. however, we're now in the meaty games where the starting pitchers are getting serious work in, and the expected everyday players are in the lineup more as everybody gets their final tuning in as opening day approaches.

the mets have had a great winning stretch this spring. they're 12-6. offensively, the starters (outside of matsui and cameron) have looked good with the bat. they've also stayed healthy (outside of matsui and cameron). from everything we hear, cammy is making great rehab progress and kazuo should be back soon.

on the pitching side, trax's hole was quickly filled by the addition of ishii. this is a calculated risk, with the emphasis on risk. jphill was pencilled in to start at least 50 games this year as the #2 catcher. matt ginter has been lights out this spring (as had been phillips). now jphill is gone and ginter will have to wait for the next rotation opening. we replace both with a mysterious ishii, who at his worst is a lefty zamboozled.

all in all, it's been a very smooth camp for rookie manager willie. he's facing some tough decisions now as the roster is pared down as a bunch of players are jockeying for final bench and bullpen spots. there'll be some interesting moves, for sure.

as you see, i'm still talking in generalities. that's because this is spring training and it all counts for naught. things are revving up though, and we'll soon have tons to really talk about.

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