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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Zamboozled still Zambroken

victor zamboozled, the once and future 10 minute fix-it project, was supposed to be getting some work in during an organized, modified rules outting against minor leaguer scrubs. it turned into a train wreck as zamboozled got ripped for 11 hits and 5 runs. guru peterson was very encouraged after the outting because the usually wild zamby didn't give up a single walk. the great guru said, "nobody got on base without swinging a bat, which is huge."

shut up, peterson.
that's what happens when you're pitching meatballs over the plate that are getting smacked by the scrubbies.

in other news, the mets signed crappy infielder, benji gil. gil was a hot stud prospect a decade ago that minayacal omar was responsible for back in his texas rangers days. he seriously sucks.

the mets also signed sucky wilson valdez as more minor league fodder.

and in yet another sucky signing, the mets also signed fernando lunar. lunar's job will be to rotate around alay soler.

phil humber will be getting the opening day nod for the st lucie mets. he should be at AA as soon as possible, but with st lucie being nice and warm and binghamton being cold as hell, i have no problem waiting until mid-may to early june for the promotion.

apparently, scotts strickland and stewart are not going to make the mets opening day roster. both are free to leave the mets if that's the case, but for now, both are sticking around in st lucie trying to figure out what to do. the former expos teammates are concocting a scheme to hitch hike up to montreal in a couple months and see if they can attract any attention by barnstorming the baseball-abandoned city with former expos mascot, youpi. they'll be taking on all comers in some serious 3-on-3 slow-pitch softball action in the parking lot of olympic stadium.

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