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Friday, March 11, 2005


it's annual rite of spring training for the mets to get the snot kicked out of them by the dodgers, so i'm not concerned about the latest 16-5 whacking. one thing that does concern me, though, is the continued ineptness of victor "10 minute fix-it" zamboozled. as if you didn't know, zamboozled was the damaged piece of shit the mets picked up last year for their spectacular playoff run in reverse. oh yeah, had to give up scott kazmir, too.

zamboozled is another of the "great stuff" throwers who can't pitch consistently to save his life. much is made of his winning record with the devil rays, but that doesn't hide the fact that he's been a physical wreck and he has no control. he led the AL in walks, wild pitches and hit batters in his last full season. that's the triple crown of cluelessness.

after hearing how his elbow is 100% now and how his ankle is 100% now, this guy is already slotted as an allegedly solid guy in an allegedly solid rotation. piece of crap guy like this has to impress in spring training, not just go through the motions and get his work in like pedro. he sucks, he's always sucked, and he better stop sucking soon.

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