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Saturday, April 09, 2005


the losing isn't so bad by itself. afterall, this is the 5th game of the season. everyone would agree the "it's still early" cliche is applicable. the thing i don't like is the mets, as a team, look like they're beaten. the team is dead inside like it's the 155th game of the season and they just want to go home already. that's intolerable.

last year, the mets got so bad that it forced "affable" art howe to tear up the clubhouse. that's a hard thing to believe, even now, long after it actually happened. did it light a fire under the mets? no. a harder thing to believe is that willie randolph can tear up the clubhouse this year. not that it would do anything.

hell, it's early, but it's still getting mighty pathetic already. i don't know what willie can or can't do that bobby valentine and art howe could and couldn't do before they lost control. as always, it's ultimately up to the players to get it done.

tonight was the perfect setup for an "automatic loss." aaron "automatic loss" heilman was taking the mound. it was such a perfect loss setup that you had to figure maybe a fluky thing would happen, and heilman would pull a "phenom first round draft pick" miracle to help the mets get off this snide. i guess that's fairy tale thinking. the harsh mets reality is that met-killer, brian jordan, killed them again. this cripple, who should be 3 years retired, turned back the clock and hit a 2nd inning grand slam. the mets didn't even have a chance to celebrate that they finally escaped the first inning 0-0 before the earth caved in on them again.

could the "new" mets offense claw their way back into the game? are you kidding. again, the chances for rallies were frittered away.

the bullpen saw plenty of action again. heilman only went 5. his pitch count was low, since atlanta was very good at letting him conserve his pitches while tattooing him. i thought willie should've let heilman take one for the team and pitch his rotten arm off. are we saving it for anything? anyway, tonight we were treated to heredia, dejean and the poopman out of the clown circus bullpen. all pitched scary innings. heredia got bailed out by a throwout at homeplate (cliffy's 2nd multiple bounce assist at home plate in the game). dejean didn't have his good stuff (surprise, surprise), but survived loading the bases. poopy pooper was seeing his first work since the opening day mega-fiasco and only had a mini-fiasco this time. he sucked.

my personal highlight of the night was seeing willie successfully pull off a doubleswitch in the middle of the 8th inning. willie gets the gameball. do losers get a gameball? anyway, smoke that goddamn cigar you've been saving for your first victory. that must smell rancid already.

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