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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Breakup the Mets?

last weekend, i figured the mets would be in good shape if they hung tough and somehow battled back to .500 by the end of april. that would've been a good goal in light of the disasterous opening to the season. if they could just stop the bleeding, get everyone on the same page again, maintain the health of the everyday lineup... get back cammy, get back benson, get willie to master the double switch, get mikey some flaxseed oil elixir, start getting some wins under the belt, then perhaps everything would smooth out and the team could start anew around .500 in may.

things have gone a bit differently, as the mets have put the losing in the rearview mirror and reeled off a very impressive winning streak. they are now amazingly 6-5 and a crow's hop behind the top of the division.

they've had an amazing week, and the real incredible part of it is the team has been playing broken, so no need to break up what's already busted. the starting perma-damaged RFer hasn't played a game yet, and now our perma-damaged LFer has been out. our rotation is missing 2 starters. our perma-blind 2B has been out with a bad eye. the closer is poopy pooper. manny ay caramba pitches in every game. the leadoff hitter has a .300 obp with zero walks and is averaging 1 k/game. the cleanup hitting HOF catcher has degraded into the 2nd coming of junior ortiz offensively. the phenom young 3B stud has shown an amazing knack of killing potential rallies.

how's the team winning?

pitching. the starters have had a tremendous run from pedro to pedro. six effective starts in a row. as a team the past 7 days, the pitchers have a 1.77 era and .165 oba. they allowed 11 runs in 56 ip. toss out ay caramba and the #s get really mind boggling.

late clutch hitting. the team's not getting much done against the opponent's starters, but bring in the bullpen, and the mets bats wake up. they've scored 27 runs overall the past week, and 18 runs have come from the 7th inning on.

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