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Monday, April 04, 2005

Bullpen Clowns

to nobody's surprise, the mets bullpen sucks mule balls.

pedro did his part on opening day. after a shaky 3 run first inning, he settled down and turned into the terminator. overall, he struck out 12 in 6 innings. the mets offense sputtered here and there in clutch opportunities with RISP, but got some long ball from kaz matsui (the opening day home run king), carlos beltran, and cliff floyd.

the bullpen came in for a routine workout. the mission was to protect a 3 run lead with 3 innings to go. they couldn't do it. manny ay caramba got a tough break when beltran ran full speed towards the centerfield warning track to drop a double, but with 2 outs, instead of slamming the door, he allowed another double to narrow the lead to 6-4.

coup d'etat, the import from korea via the japanese league, came in and worked the afternoon shadows to perfection with his hidden sideways lefty deliver. piazza couldn't catch the ball, but the reds couldn't hit it either, as he pitched a scoreless 8th.

then we come to the 9th. braden pooper came in to protect a 2 run lead and pick up the easy save. basehit to kearns, homerun by dunn (2nd of the game), homerun by randa (walkoff winner), and that's the ballgame.

disgusting. predictable, yet disgusting. somewhere out there, matt ginter is having a good laugh. where's ugie? bring up bell. bring up seo.

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