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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cammy's Blog

once upon a time, mike cameron had a blog. just like you. just like me. as you can see, it's not there anymore. for whatever reason, cammy stopped updating it last january soon after signing with the mets. i guess he's been busy. most probably, he just cut ties with the website that hosted his journal. though, maybe we can blame it on his perma-damaged wrist. not only has it affected his production on the field, but it's robbed us of his sharing his most inner thoughts. damn. the little he did write pretty much shows he's really a nice, down to earth guy. he'd really be a fan favorite here if he could just stay healthy and on the field... and he didn't whine and flip-flop so damn much. being injured, non-productive and on a losing team would make a guy ornery though..

get healthy and play a productive RF, cammy. we need you. start blogging again, too. you can vent online, then edit and delete it. when you blurt out shit to nyc reporters, they'll print that and hound you with it for life.

i dredged up parts of his last two entries:

January 29, 2004

I just spent a week in New York trying to get my living situation set up. I thought housing prices in Seattle were high. New York is the very different. It's the craziest thing I've seen.

There is another thing crazy about New York ­ Mets fans. Not bad crazy, good crazy. Mets fans are passionate! I love it. I'm passionate, too, about baseball. The only thing I can promise about 2004 is I'll give everything I have to turn help the team turn over a new leaf and start winning. I've seen it happen before in Cincinnati.

Why The Mets

One of the reasons I picked the Mets was I wanted to be back in the National League. I wanted to play in Atlanta so my family can come and watch. While in Seattle, I used to rent a bus and load my extended family for a road trip to one of our East Coast games. Now that I'll be coming through Atlanta, they are own their own. But they have already started asking me about tickets.

What I'll Miss

One thing I'll miss most about playing for Seattle is spring training in Arizona. I loved it there. You never had to worry about the off time ­ there was always something to do.

My biggest Worry

The one thing that worried me the most about playing for the Mets was could I handle playing in New York. Could I handle the stress. I stared thinking about all the things I've been through and I came the conclusion that I'm ready for it. I feel I'm ready to handle it.

More Hitting

I've changed my offseason routine some. I've been hitting and throwing more rather than lifting weights. I'm working out on a day-to-day basis with three or four guys in batting cages.

Dec. 11, 2003

A Mariner No More

It's official. I'm no longer a Seattle Mariner. The M's let the Sunday deadline slip by without offering me arbitration, making me a free agent. I saw it coming, but it's still kind of a shock. It's like dad telling you it is time to go ­ you have to get out of the house and move on with your life.

I want to thank everyone for a great ride in Seattle. It was a warm welcome from day one, from my teammates, management, the fans, and the region. With he exception of a few nay sayers, almost everyone has been warm for me and my family, and I always will have a sweet spot in my heart for Seattle.

Despite some newspaper reports, I did want to come back, under the right terms. One of the hardest parts was telling my kids we weren't going back. "Daddy, we want to go back to Seattle," they said. They really liked the Northwest.

I appreciate everyone's emails we've received and all the support at the games. Whether I was hot or not, I felt positive energy at Safeco. The ovation at the last game was very special, too. I know fans appreciated that every time I stepped on the field I put my body on the line and gave everything I had.

I wish the M's and their fans the best.

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