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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

glavine + braves = met killer

maybe you're figuring tommy boy glavine is a better fit for a parody on "tommy - the rock opera" than kaz. nah. except for the name, tommy, what else fits about glavine. he's not deaf, dumb or blind. he's just old and over-the-hill. his act has long grown stale here. i actually thought the mets were fortunate when he squirmed his way out of jams in the first couple innings. "hmm," i thought, "maybe these are the NEW mets. glavine and the old mets would be down 5-0 right now and never come back."

unfortunately, it all caved in quickly soon after that. glavine, again, did not have anything resembling major league quality pitching. he was hittable and tossing meatballs up there. it seemed as if he were yelling out to the batters and asking where they wanted it. andruw jones broke out of his season slump, thanks to tommy boy. mike hampton looked good with his usual slop crap, thanks to tommy boy. eddie perez and wilson betemitavegamin added insult to injury by hitting back-to-back jacks. that's humiliating. who the fuck is wilson betemitavegamin anyway?

it was a disgusting affair and there's really not much to dwell on. it's never nice to lose another series to atlanta, but it's old hat, isn't it?

non-interesting tidbits:
  • mr. electricity, jose reyes, stunned the shea crowd with a strike out, no walks, and a 1-5 effort. that pretty much sums up his season at shea so far: a .200 avg/obp.
  • vic diaz ended the inning 4 times batting 8th. that meant the mets had the pitcher's spot, jose reyes and kaz matsui due up 4 times to start an inning. needless to say, they were all scoreless innings.
  • after going 2-5, kaz matsui has the same batting avg as jose reyes now: .271. kaz's obp is .329. jose's obp is... well, you know.
  • the mets had their best rally chance in the bottom of the 8th, loading the bases with no outs. a wild pitch scored piazza. floyd advanced from 2nd to 3rd. for some unknown reason, david wright remained on 1B. a possible linedrive sac fly to RF followed, but floyd wasn't near the bag and ready to tag. then the inning ended on a 6-3-4 double play because wright was on 1B and not 2B. it was all too bizarre, and all too typical of the mets total retarded lack of fundamental skills.
i said to watch and see if the mets showed any fatigue after playing their 15th game in 15 days. well, they came out braindead. it's a day off tomorrow and off to DC for four.

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