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Thursday, April 28, 2005

It was 40 years ago.... in August

you hear the words "shea stadium" and we naturally think of our beloved new york mets. others may think about bouncing seats at new york jets games. for many people who have no idea what baseball or american football is about, they hear "shea stadium" and they think of the beatles.

august 15th will be the 40th anniversary of the beatles playing shea stadium. since this current shea probably won't be around for the 50th anniversary, i think it'd be a cool thing to have some sort of commemoration. that was a huge deal then. imagine a rock and roll band doing a show in a state of the art baseball stadium seating over 55,000. i wasn't born yet and the only concert i ever saw at shea was the pruny rolling stones in one of their 17 farewell tours. the beatles are the beatles though, and this was 1965. being as big a beatles fan as i am a mets fan, this is some pretty big shit, imo. so do a bunch of other people, too.

contact: customer_relations@NYMets.com

the mets are have a day off on august 15, so i guess nothing will be happening then. they do return from a west coast swing though on august 16th. the only thing the mets have planned around that time is another kind of meringue night concert deal and nothing beatles related. so tell them you think it'd be cool to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the beatles rocking shea in some way.

the beatles also appeared at shea in 1966 (see below):

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