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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Pedro time! All your base belong to us.

yay! we made it to pedro again!

navigating through the mets rotation is like being a kid again and playing tag. except this is scarier. pedro is base. base is good. it's safe. the rest of the rotation is havoc and chaos, running around, being chased, hiding, trying desperately to get back to base.

tommy boy got us off to a great start. jae seo continued it. we were chilling. we had a comfy hiding spot behind a large rock. base wasn't in sight, but the guy who was "IT" was busy chasing somebody else so there was nothing to sweat. then it was zamboozled's turn. "IT" spotted us! we had to make a dash for base, but it was too far away. "IT" was chasing us through the sandbox. our feet weren't moving. it was like quicksand. "IT" tagged us! argghhhhhhhhhhhh! we're IT!!!!!! damn damn damn. now we have to start running around, rotating our heads 360 degrees to spot somebody to tag. everyone's coming out of the woodwork to reach base easily. now they're calling "electricity!" and forming a human chain to reach other guys off base. they're killing us! they're ridiculing us!

now base is jammed. there's only one guy hiding out there somewhere. it's futile. "flowers for algernon" heilman takes the mound, and it's seemingly hopeless. heilman is always "IT." well, there was that one time last week, when some miracle happened, but who can expect a miracle to repeat so soon?

suddenly, there's a flash in the corner of our eye. somebody's darting out from behind a tree and making a dash for base! we react like a rabbit, instinctively reaching out to make the swipe tag. gotcha! you're IT!!!!


somebody else is "IT!" we hide behind that same nearby tree. "IT" starts running off in the other direction, and we skip merrily to base.


it's pedro time!

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