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Friday, April 15, 2005

Mets brace themselves for another Heilman start

well, the season's truly come full circle and we've yet to play 10 games. just last week, the mets were attempting to "lose one for the thumb." they lost their 5th straight game with aaron heilman on the mound. now, it's "win one for the thumb" as the mets go for their 5th straight win... and yes, aaron heilman will be on the mound.

heilman is bad. he's downright dreadful. i know that. you know that. but what can we do? this is the hand dealt us, so no whining about "i rather have seo" or "even jose santiago would be better" or "why not promote petit?" we've got to root for heilman and just hope for the best. hey, i'm shocked we've had decent to good enough outings from glavine, ishii and zamboozled all in a row. that's pretty amazing. why can't tack on another good enough outing from our "pedro and four days of prayer" rotation? it's possible. not probable, but certainly in the realm of possibility. i think.

it could be worse. we could have alec porzel or steve szczepanski pitching.

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