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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mets Flaccid The Night After

change your arm angle all you want, aaron. it ain't working.

guru peterson telling heilman he'll write recommendations for him for his graduate school applications. piazza says he'll write a couple, too.

worries of the mets blowing their wad last night against the phillies turned out legitimate. last night, they crushed a team record 7 homeruns in the williamsport, pennsylvania little league stadium. they returned to a major league park in miami tonight and could only scratch out 2 runs and 4 hits, falling to the marlins 9-2.

pitching-wise, it was the return match-up of "flowers for algernon" heilman and josh beckett. could heilman pull another one-hit wonder? c'mon, this isn't fairytale land. heilman returned back to the form we know so well -- as the sucky guy we dread rolling out there for the automatic loss. four innings, 11 hits and 7 er later, heilman returned to the clubhouse to continue studying for his graduate school entrance exams.

josh beckett rolled through 7 innings, allowing 2 er. the bullpen mopped it up, and that's was all she wrote.

mets highlights:

mets woelights:

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