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Friday, April 15, 2005

More Anatomy 101

kaz matsui has now missed a couple games with a scratched cornea. known medically as a corneal abrasion, this is a scratch on the clear outer layer on the front of the eye. matsui has been wearing special contact lenses since february, and the abrasion may have occurred either from wearing them too long or from one accidentally slipping out while sleeping.

the mets discovered that kaz had eye problems in the middle of last season. clues such as his inability to pick up the ball quickly in the field, his errant throws to 1B and his frequent swings and misses at the plate led to an eye exam which diagnosed him as blind as a bat. matsui and the team then did a delicate tango as he basically refused to wear the team recommended corrective goggles for the rest of the season, citing "discomfort."

luckily, kaz had a back injury which basically waylaid him for the rest of the summer, so the idiotic goggles issue was pushed aside and ignored until this february. kaz was fitted for longterm contact lenses. the kind you keep in overnight, except for this particular one which somehow must've sneaked out and damaged his eyeball further.

the japanese ironman is once again missing games in america. we shall be following this saga with interest.

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