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Saturday, April 30, 2005


at first blush, it seems just like any other mets game. victor zamboozled sucked mule ass again. the deadwood offense couldn't do shit against the opposing starter again. manny ay caramba came in and did his shit again. the mets mounted a late game rally against the opposing bullpen that came up short again. the mets lost... again.

the top of the lineup was hitless and walkless again. but wait a sec there.....

jose reyes got hit by a pitch!

i swear to god it's true. it's the first time ever in his major league career, so this is a gigantic whoop. i've seen him get hit twice before. once in his rookie summer, and once very early this year. both times he got hit in the foot. both times he swung at the pitch for a strike.

check the stats for jose now:

avg: .260
obp: .267

this is exciting stuff. mets fans are wetting themselves all over the world. i'm half moist, too.

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