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Monday, April 11, 2005

No heart, no good

how great has it been to see pedro start his mets career with two wonderful ace-like outings? the mets have gone with pretend aces for so long. chief among them is tommy boy glavine.

tommy took his first year as a met off to nurse his atlanta-loving heart. he was truly disgraceful. he reported to spring training last year a new man. he said he finally made the mental adjustment and was on board with the mets. his first half was stellar. vintage glavine. then he unravelled, the team sputtered, then nosedived as did tommy boy's production. he was giving heilman-like performances every single damn time out there, digging a 4 or 5 run lead in the first couple innings then settling down for a useless stretch since the game was long over.

ok, i admit to omitting the handful of "decent" outings he had last summer in the above statsheet. four of them were against the expos. pffffftttt.

can tommy boy make up for his hideous mets career so far? no. he's sucked so badly at such high expectations and pocketted so much money, short of suddenly miraculously carrying the mets to a division title this year, glavine is officially a certifiable mets bust.

tommy's a fiasco. freddie wilpon singlehanded wooed this chump as a free agent, wining and dining him, and showing the love with followup phonecalls. remember all that? steve phillips was on a vacation cruise and out of the loop. have you ever heard of a gm going on vacation during the hot stove season? well, that's mets baseball.

i haven't lost all hope for tommy, though. he has sucked. he's been an immense disappointment. he was a career met-killer for atlanta, and he's never stopped killing the mets. i hope to hell that he doesn't reach the 200 innings necessary for his 2006 option to click in. i'll gladly welcome yusmeiro petit or phil humber or any hungry, talented youngster over this aged, heartless, costly carcass.

it's a tightrope. gotta keep rooting for tommy boy each time he takes the mound on the one hand. gotta hope he doesn't threaten that 200 inning threshold. something has to happen for that. either his old body breaks down and he misses time, or he just continues to rack up the awful low inning performances. i guess the former is preferable, though freddie may do something truly idiotic in that case and decide to pick up the option anyway. we'll have to see.

let's go mets. let's go tommy. earn that money.

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