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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No smoking, just en fuego.

sweet jesus alou! a new pope was elected earlier today and in celebration, the mets may have performed a mini-miracle. the slumbering lumber woke up. the deadwood came to life like pinocchio. the mets busted out the whupping sticks in a 16-4 victory over philly.

this team that seemingly can only score against the opponent's bullpen from the 7th inning on, took a group pre-game drink from the flaxseed oil elixir punchbowl, and bombarded the phillies for 16 runs in the first 6 innings. in fact, the mets scored in every inning, first through sixth. jose reyes hit two solo jacks. vic diaz smacked two 2-run dingers. david wright hit a grand slam. mike piazza hit a solo bomb that's still going, and dougie mientkiewiez whacked a 2-run smack. that's a team record 7 homeruns.

the mets offense was in full attack. even victor zamboozled had a 2-run triple. and speaking of zamboozled, while the mets were kicking vicente padilla and gavin floyd like rented mules, zammy was controlling chaos. if the mets weren't making a mockery of the game, zamboozled's performance on the mound would be more in the spotlight. it wasn't good. the phillies got 4 runs in the first 3 innings, and zammy had to wiggle out of bases loaded jams in the 1st and 3rd to escape real serious damage.

other game notes:
  • this new phillies stadium doesn't have the dimensions of the williamsport little league ballpark, but the ball jumps out of there just as fast.
  • the mets struck out 9 times, but they drew an impressive 6 walks.
  • victor diaz is making cammy look like wally pipp. diaz's glove is atrocious, but can the the mets really take his bat out of the lineup?
  • speaking of wally pipp, felix heredia was placed on the 15 day DL with a banged up thumb. heath bell was called up and pitched a scoreless 9th inning tonight. can the mets really bring heredia back?
  • coup d'etat and manny ay caramba each pitched a scoreless inning and have now pitched in every single game this year. ok, that's not true. but it seems like it.
  • the mets are now 7-7. the entire nl east is within 1 game of each other.

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