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Friday, April 01, 2005

Not a good sign: the spring injuries continue

my biggest worry about the "new" mets is that they have a lot of key guys with "old, broken" bodyparts. the mets have had a difficult time staying healthy for many years now. their "A" lineups lasted about a month before we started seeing the "B" and "C" lineups. by the summer, it was "D" lineups as the team did their annual freefall in the standings. it didn't help that they also had an incompetent medical staff under contract for awhile.

so far this spring, steve trachsel has been lost for at least half a year, mike cameron has only just returned after rehabbing from wrist surgery, kaz matsui has had brand new back problems plague him, and pedro has had some back worries. that's a handful of key starters, and we're not even mentioning the perma-injured players like reyes, floyd and piazza who are always ticking timebombs waiting to implode at the most inopportune time.

the latest worry is anna benson's husband. apparently he strained his right tit somehow and his first start is being pushed back. also, cameron (who's never been healthy as a met) is already feeling new pain in his surgically repaired wrist. superduper.

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