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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

poor kazu "0 for 4" matsui can't play baseball that well (at least not in this hemisphere). he's blind. just can't see. that goes a long way in explaining why his reactions are so slow in the field, in the batter's box, and why he doesn't attempt steals that much. last night, he didn't hear willie calling out to him that he was being pinch-hit for by mikey piazza. jeez, kaz is deaf too? worst of all, despite all the problems fans might still have a chance to like him if they could communicate with him. alas, kaz only speaks japanese. his "personality" is non-existent for mets fans. he botches up things and we get dry patter thru a translator or curt excuses from the manager. essentially, for english speaking fans, kaz is dumb (as in mute).

i feel for him. the expectations were high. his cost is high. he's been as disappointing as carlos baerga and roberto alomar. just a complete reverse of what was advertised. he's still in the lineup everyday, so i root hard for him, but unfortunately at this point, my pity and hope don't equal my disgust. he just a deaf, dumb, blind guy. but he sure plays a mean pinball.

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