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Monday, April 11, 2005

Shea is falling apart, but the Mets win again!

the NEW mets were overly generous in giving their division and the rest of baseball a head start in 2005, but look out! the streaking mets, aka the comeback kids, have upped their winning streak to two. that's dos, for all our spanish readers (as in "uno, dos, tres, catorce" made famous by the latin crooner, el bono).

first of all, let's give it up for our #2 guy, tommy boy, who did indeed step it up to pitch a tidy "winnable" effort. as usual, he did get tagged early, allowing a run in the 1st inning. just as yesterday, the mets teased everyone by making it look like a 1 run deficit was insurmountable for awhile, but tommy held strong, keeping the mets within striking distance. he even toughed out of a bases loaded jam, which showed the heart and cojones i've been looking for from him.

the mets bullpen clown show showed up again. willie is evidentally hellbent on making manny ay caramba and coup d'etat the weathers/stanton tandem that appears in every damn game to stooge it up on the mound. ay caramba was friggin' lost today and gave up the mets first comeback 3-1 lead. thank god, the mets have sprinkled the rest of the league with a bunch of their clown outcasts. the astros have a bunch of them and displayed them all today. we got to see dan "the runners on the bases go round and round" wheeler, ancient russ springer, and everybody's favorite, the most ancientest of them all, capo johnny. wheeler's been doing a pretty good job as an astro and he continued to do so today. springer and franco were a mess, thank god. the mets scored 5 runs to take the lead and win, 8-4. roberto hernandez pitched a scoreless inning for the win and braden looper got some confidence back, pitching an eventless 9th to wrap it up.

speaking of wraps, shea stadium came undone during the game. the rotating ad in CF got messy. they covered with black tarps that fluttered like donald trump's combover in a tornado. they'll have to fix that.

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