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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thank you, Big Guy!

And on the 7th day, the Lord took pity on the meek and cursed, and let them sample the sweet taste of victory.

it was a beautiful sunday. i could've spent the time more productively outdoors with the family. i was regretting it more and more as each inning sped by and john smoltz continued to mow down the mets at will. it seemed like a typical mets game... the choking wastes of clutch opportunities, the bonehead moments like when third base coach manny acta tried to snap off jose reyes's legs with a stupid and costly last second stop sign, the futile swings of the entire lineup against a dominating smoltz.

something was a bit different though. for one, the mets had their own ace pitching ace-like. pedro was again in top form. he wasn't ringing up the K's like opening day and like smoltz was doing, but he was in full command and had the necessary pitch count to go deep today. also, for as dominant as smoltz was, he was the guy with the mounting pitch count and who knew how long he could go since he was still a closer trying to stretch his game out? most importantly, the mets remained only a run down. that seems insurmountable in many mets games, but just maybe on this day they could finally catch a break.

then it happened. in the 8th inning, the mets gushed out 5 runs like a premature teenaged boy with blue balls. beltran, floyd and wright (a monster shot to dead center) all smacked their 2nd homers of the young season. an insurance spurt run in the 9th sealed the deal and the mets had won 6-1. pedro got the complete game 2-hitter with 9 K's, and it was all done in a tidy 101 pitches.

so the mets can finally celebrate and fly home with smiles on their faces. it might've been a chilly reception at the shea opener if they came home winless and started off with the losing crap once again. this win changes that. the fans are happy too. nobody's elated. we're just not suicidal anymore.

willie finally can smoke his rancid cigar. i think i'll have one too.

here's to the first win of the year, the first pedro win as a met, the first win for willie as a manager, the first win for the NEW mets. here's to the start of a winning streak!

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