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Thursday, April 07, 2005

This "NEW" Mets Ishiit is getting old

a glaringly old thing i'm still seeing with these new mets is their killer habit of stumbling out of the blocks. they dig a hole for themselves in most games early on. pedro gave up a 3 spot on opening day. tommy boy gave up a deuce in the first frame yesterday. ishiit gave up another deuce in game 3, and the mets trail 3-0 early on as i write this.

now, unlike last year, this year's healthy (so far) lineup should be able to work their way back into the game IF the starter can settle down and shutdown the opponent afterwards, like pedro did. then it's all about the offense outhitting what our bullpen is sure to give up. it's a horrific roadmap to be following game after game though. the mets have done this for years and the losses pile up rapidly and seasons are kissed goodbye early.

weaknesses feed off of each other on a team. these new mets have a crippling bullpen -- that's old ishiit. the starting rotation (with or without trax and anna benson's husband) is shaky and inconsistent -- that's old ishiit. the offense seems to be heavily reliant on the long ball and cannot manufacture runs in any fundamental sense -- that's old ishiit. we're already getting a taste of the 100 different lineups willie will be employing this season -- that's old ishiit.

i could go on, but i want to stay optimistic this early in the season. :)

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