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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tin Man Glavine = Stopper

call him tommy boy, the torch, or the tin man. he's also the stopper in the mets rotation. tommy has his eyes on 200 career losses. i don't know if he has enough time left, but he's certainly been doing his best to get there as a met. it was another vintage first inning disaster for tommy. he buried the mets early and this time, aj burnett wasn't going to let the mets crawl back out.

the florida marlins finally figured out how to beat the mets: never yank your starter. as has been the trend, the mets bats went to sleep against the starter. what differed in this game from the usual winning recipe was the mets never got to face the bullpen late in the game. burnett went the distance, downing the mets 5-2, only allowing 2 runs on 5 hits.

the mets offensive hero was victor diaz who hit a solo homer (1st of the year).

jose and kaz took 0'fers and are shaping up as the worst 1-2 tablesetters in baseball. blind kazuo is also getting a major case of the clanky glove that dogged him at SS last year. the guy just cannot field. being blind doesn't help matters, i guess. mikey sat out his usual sunday afternoon. not that his dead bat and sad defense was missed much. cliffy has gone from day-to-day to "let's just pretend i don't exist" mode. david wright is looking as if he's trying to replicate mike schmidt's 2nd year in the majors. i could go on and on. why am i such a wet blanket?

hey, the mets are boxcars. 6-6. that's awesome. they've had a great homestand. it's time to regroup, head out on the road and get another winning streak started.

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